[Samba] unicode conversion

Markus Thüer zzz at kapuziner.org
Fri Jan 23 10:27:23 GMT 2004

Hi, especially to Andrew Bartlett, 

Even after studiing the manual and help pages, I dont realy get a grip
on the unicode and charset business. I would be nice if someone could
enlighten me a bit. So here is my problem: 

I have just updatet, Samba 2.2.8a to 3.0.1 and all my files with german
umlaute in its names where just glibberish and I couln'd open them
anymore. I work with XP and Win98 Clients.
Well, I fixed that with setting unix charset = ISO8859-15. But the
umlaute are still not shown rightly. New files are ok and I can change
old ones by hand.

Can I chage them automaticly with convmv ?
And what settings need I with unix charset when I convert them. 
Does it also work with the Win98 Clients?

Greetings from the Black Forrest


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