[Samba] Administrator and Samba PDC

rruegner robowarp at gmx.de
Thu Jan 22 10:11:50 GMT 2004

using samba 3 you should add
a User called Administrator
and a line called 
admin users = root, Administrator
but i would advice you to use the user root instead of Administrator
for administration especially if you wanna use usrmgr.
Best Regards
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> Hello,
> I posted yesterday about using samba as a primary domain controller.  I 
> have a couple other issues I need help resolving.
> I got my profiles copied over, but some things seem different.  For 
> example, Norton Antivirus Corporate doesn't load in the lower right 
> like it does on my local account.  Mainly stuff like that.  The only 
> other issues I am having are with Administrators.  I need to be an 
> administrator on the network, but I'm not sure what I need to do to 
> make myself one.  Also, is it possible to make a user an administrator 
> for just one workstation?  The last issue is with login/logout scripts. 
>   When my user logs in, it executes a batch file that contains calls to 
> change my resolution to 1600x1200.  When I log out, the logoff script 
> tells multires.exe to put it back to 1024x768.  Where would I put this 
> script so that it runs?  Where would I put the logoff script?
> Thanks SO much in advance!
> Robert
> P.S.  Please use the reply-all function of your mail program to reply 
> so it can skip my mail filters and put the much-needed answers right in 
> my mailbox.  Thanks!
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