[Samba] SMB_PAM on Solaris

Pablo Jejcic pablo.jejcic at smartweb.rgu.ac.uk
Wed Jan 21 13:20:18 GMT 2004

Hi List,
	We ar having quite an odd problem. Yesterday we upgrade to Samba
3.0.1, and just reuse the smb.conf. We didn't change anything else, but this
morning one of the Solaris workstations couldn't login (we are using smb_pam
to authenticate the users).
	We checked the pam.conf and smb_pam.conf files, and they look ok
(just like the ones on the other machines). 
	As a workaroubd the user is authenticating against NIS now, but  we
would like to have it authenticated against samba for consistecny purposes.
Any thoughts? Ideas? 



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