[Samba] W2K sometimes returns wrong file times

Wolfgang Rohdewald wolfgang at rohdewald.de
Wed Jan 21 10:17:52 GMT 2004


I am mounting a W2K share from linux and then use tar to back it up.
Often, tar wrongly tells me the file is modified as we read it. This can
happen on any file, more so if system workload is high. 

Debug output showed me that the modification times can be higher by
1 or 2 seconds when checking after having read the whole file. I have
not yet been able to write a little C program showing the error, I still
need tar.

While debugging this, I found that W2K often returns wrong values for
the second, they are often by 1 or 2 seconds higher than when I check
then directly in W2K. This concerns all three times created, last access,
last write. I confirmed that W2K is the culprit by checking with ethereal - 
supposing that ethereal correctly decodes the raw data.

I think this seems correlated to the changing modification times.

Is this a know problem with W2K? Can I fix it, can samba circumvent it
somehow ? I am currently using Samba 3.0.1 on debian sid.


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