[Samba] Win2K manipulation of directory permissions

Jim Salter jim at jrssystems.net
Wed Jan 21 09:44:54 GMT 2004

Hello Samba list -

I have been using Samba for about a year now, on FreeBSD 4.x and 5.x 
servers.  It works flawlessly, except for one thing - the manipulation 
of directory permissions via the Win2K native interface.

I can manipulate permissions on FILES just fine from the Win2K 
interface, and if I am using FreeBSD 5.x with ACL support, can even 
create and manipulate true ACLs using the Win2K interface - but when it 
comes to directories, whether or not I have ACL support running on the 
FreeBSD/Samba side, everything is screwy.

When viewing Security properties on a directory on a Samba share from 
Win2K, with the directory chmod 770 and chowned "owner" and chgrped 
"group", I see two ACL entries - one for "owner", and one for "group". 
But here's the kicker - the ACLs for "owner" and "group" both show NO 
permissions checked.  Attempting to actually manipulate the entries is 
unpredictable in outcome - if you attempt to check off permissions on 
the "owner" or "group" ACLs, they just silently disappear when you click 
"Apply."  If you attempt to delete either ACL, you may or may not be 
able to recreate it - usually not.

Has anyone else observed this behavior (which has been consistent across 
every FreeBSD / Samba machine I have ever built), and does anyone know 
how to make it work right with the Win2K interface?  Again, the 
interface performs just as it should with respect to *file* permissions, 
it's just *directory* permissions that exhibit the problem.

Thanks in advance.

Jim Salter

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