[Samba] shared folders ownership

Edd Payne edd.payne at ulu.lon.ac.uk
Mon Jan 19 11:07:25 GMT 2004

If everyone should have access to the directory, the best way is to put 
everyone into a group (if they're not already - eg if you're running RedHat), 
say for example 'users', then set the directory's group ownership to "users", 
the permissions of the directory to something like 775 (or 770), and then in 
the share definition something like:

	force group = users
	create directory mode = 770
	create mode = 660

which will make sure all files and directories created inside that directory 
have group read/write permissions and belong to the correct group. You may 
also need to set up a group mapping (net groupmap unixgroup=users 

If it's a subdirectory of a share, in which only the subdirectory needs write 
permissions for everybody, then you'll need to mess about with permissions - 
I *think* setting something like 2770 on the directory makes all files 
created in that directory belong to the same group as the directory, but I'm 
not an expert when it comes to that.



On Sunday 18 Jan 2004 1:07 pm, Wes Wilcox wrote:
> what/who is the owner of a shared directory in Samba, on a network that
> requires every one to access the directory, when created as root with 0777
> it seems to revert back to root ownership and you can't write or delete
> from it. Relativily new at this, so would appreciate any help.
> Thanks
> Wes

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