[Samba] Problem updating/creating files with winbind and a win2k box

Harmon, Leigh lharmo02 at harris.com
Fri Jan 16 20:47:40 GMT 2004


I'm having a strange issue with Samba 3.0.1 running on Solaris 8, and
updating/creating files on a Win2k machine.  I have a test share created on the
Solaris machine (path=/export) with initially no files in it.

I have no problem accessing the test share from the Win2k machine.  I can
successfully create/update a file in the test share from the Win2k machine.  The
problem occurs when I get on the Solaris machine and try to do a long listing of
all of the files in the test directory (/export) to look at the permission.  I
can perfrom a normal "ls" command and "cat" command, but a "ls -l" never returns
an answer:  

# pwd

# ls

# cat win2000.txt
This is a win 2000 test

# ls -al

If I reboot my Solaris box, and perform the same "ls -l" command, then I can see
all of the information that I am supposed to see.  However, If I attempt to
update the file again, then the same issue occurs when doing a long listing.  It
appears that after an update occurs, the Solaris machine cannot return the
information from winbind to display the owner and group of the win2000.txt file.

Has anyone else ever experience this issue?


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