[Samba] Help: RH9+Samba3.0.1+LDAP

Fabio Junior fabiojr at maxwelleducacional.com.br
Fri Jan 16 20:25:54 GMT 2004

Hy, Staff!
I am trying to configure RH9 + Samba3.0.1 + LDAP, and am using the manual
that I lowered in the following site:  http://www.hilinski.net/samba/. But
this happening the following error:

"Name of the Window(W2K Pro):  Identification of Net "
" the error to follow occurred in the attempt of ingression in domain
"it was not possible to locate the user name."

I obtain to enxergar the server in the net to have access it through a
computer with W2K, using a registered in cadastre user and password in the
SAMBA, and obtain to have access the sharings.
But, this error appears when I try to add a computer W2K PRO, in the domain
of the Samba.

Somebody can help me?
Fabio Junior - Tecnico em Redes de Computadores
Centro de Treinamento Tecnologico Maxwell
www.maxwelleducacional.com.br  -  Brasil

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