[Samba] Auto printer dirver install for windows client

Lewis Shobbrook lshobbrook at fasttrack.net.au
Fri Jan 16 06:19:16 GMT 2004

Hi Nandish,
> We have HP Laserjet 4000 / 4050 printer, I made Redhat Linux 
> as my print server, I was not able to auto install the 
> printer dirver to windows client machine, I tried various 
> option make driver auto install, now print job is come to the 
> queue but it's not printing.
I've just set up an HP4000 on a Debian system.  I used the latest
foomatic drivers from  linuxprinting.org a recent CUPS system, samba
3.0.1-2, the cups-samba drivers for windows from http://www.cups.org/
(CUPS Driver for Windows 5.0rc30) and the samba-client tools which
include the cupsaddsmb utility.  If you follow the documentation for
samba 3 from the samba web site, it should work for you.

Set-up the printer through cups use the APPsocket/HP JetDirect and enter
the printers IP connection(print test page from windows box to find it
if unkown) socket://  and print a test page. If that
works then proceed to use the cupsaddsmb -A -v, as described in the


Lewis Shobbrook

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