[Samba] samba: problem in copying directories with many files

Mitch Crane mcrane1 at alltel.net
Tue Jan 13 11:55:15 GMT 2004

> From: Jeremy Allison [mailto:jra at samba.org]
> Subject: Re: [Samba] samba: problem in copying directories with many files
> On Mon, Jan 12, 2004 at 05:48:19PM -0500, Mitch Crane wrote:
> >
> > If you are mounting a share from your XP machine then yes, it's a known
> > problem. Though I don't recall anyone from the samba team actually
> > acknowledging it, I have the problem and I have seen several other
> reports
> > of this problem.
> Not a known problem to us :-). This is the first I've seen
> of it. Do you have a reproducible test case for this ?

That's why I added that no one from the samba team had acknowledged it--I
wasn't sure you guys were aware of it, just that some people were. I only
joined the samba list about 2 weeks ago (mainly in search of a solution for
this problem) yet I've seen four reports of this problem (including this one
and mine) or something similar.

My post:

Seems to be the same issue:

Possibly related:

Also, searching Google reveals other reports of the same or similar issues
(some fairly old).

> If so I'll commit to get it fixed for 3.0.2 final - but if
> it's a "only happens sometimes" kind of thing it will take
> longer and probably not make 3.0.2.

I can reproduce it on my machine. I only have the one Linux box and one
Windows box, but this problem has persisted for months while I've gone from
Redhat 9 to SuSE 9, through various kernel versions (all 2.4.*) and a
complete reinstall on the Windows side. (I'm running 3.0.1 now, btw, though
I original discovered the issue in 2.2.x)

It seems to happen fairly consistently, though it's worse at times than
others. The more files in a directory, the more likely it is to occur. 

> Send me details asap (I'm in Australia at the moment so will
> be working funny timezones).

I filed a bug report which details some of my findings:

I hope it wasn't too rambling. Take this with several hundred grains of
salt, but it seems to me, from looking at Ethereal captures, that it could
actually be a problem on the Windows side. The XP box appear to, at random
times, skip a directory item on FIND_NEXT2 commands.

Also, Michael Pflüger reported that using CIFS solved the problem.
Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do that (though I did try, always
ending in a target server not found and error 22).

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