[Samba] sam._ file format question

mike at jurney.org mike at jurney.org
Fri Jan 9 22:00:34 GMT 2004

I'm trying to hack around the lack of any way to do sam replication from
samba into windows.  My current idea is this:

Join an NT BDC to the domain
Create an ERD of that BDC
Edit the sam._ file to add the domain objects (users, groups)
Reload the ERD

It seems to me that with a slowly changing SAM you could run an NT BDC in
a remote location (for example) by generating an ERD floppy image with a
modified SAM every X hours, then having an admin at the remote site
restore the system from the modified ERD by hand.

If, that is, the format of the $$hive$$.tmp file, which the sam._ cabinet
file expands to, is documented somewhere.  Does anyone know of any such

Michael D. Jurney
mike at jurney.org

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