[Samba] LDAP Users from other ldap base...

Gilberto Nunes gilbertonunes at cbj.g12.br
Fri Jan 9 22:06:14 GMT 2004


    I Hope somebody can help me please...
    I have a ldap base from my mail server.
    This server have a samba.schema, from samba-3.0.0.
    I make other server (PDC) and I like to use the same users that i have
in my mail server.
    This is possible?
    Other question: Why when I insert a user, with any ldap tool
(smbldap-tools, phpLDAPadmin, webmin, whatever...), after that the
user can logged in to tha Domain, I have that to use smbpasswd so that
the user obtains to logar itself. In another way, the user not it does
not obtain to logar itself. What is wrong?

Gilberto Nunes
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Fone: 433-0155 - ramal 235
www.ielusc.br - suporte at ielusc.br
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