[Samba] inetd & etc

Judy Lin jyclin at hydra.acs.uci.edu
Fri Jan 9 21:57:05 GMT 2004

It turns out that the home directory name was too long (under smb.conf
[Username too Long]) and shortening it fixed the save problems.  I did not
know there was a character limit.  The user's permissions were all correct.

Seems with MacOSX 10.3.2, there are problems saving files after it has
been edited on the samba share.  It will error out and say "operation can
not be completed because one or more items are missing -47".  When you
click on cancel, it will create a file named in an incomprehensible way.
Any ideas?

Judy Lin

On Fri, 9 Jan 2004, Craig White wrote:

> On Fri, 2004-01-09 at 11:34, Judy Lin wrote:
> > Also, I have one user who is having problems accessing her personal files
> > on a MacOSX 10.3.2 via smb.  Any ideas what may be causing it?
> --
> guessing...permissions. Not a member of the group that is permitted to
> access or different level of group member - not the primary group but a
> secondary group and samba is dealing with secondary groups very well.
> The solution is typically the logs...RHL
> /var/log/samba/log.username_or_ip-address would probably tell you why.
> Craig

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