[Samba] PDF printer and wiidows driver auto-download.

Adam Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Wed Jan 7 16:27:10 GMT 2004

> If I choose "Connect...", windows says "The server on which
> the 'PdfPrinter' printer resides does not have the correct
> printer driver installed. If you want to install the driver on
> your local computer, click OK.". It does not download driver
> from samba server =(

If you click Ok, then cancel, then go the Advanced tab, select the
driver from the "Driver" select, and click Apply.... does the setting
not stick?  (If you exit properties, right click on the printer again,
and choose properties).

> I wonder if the problem could occure 'cause the printer is a
> virtual printer?

No, Samba doesn't care.  We have the exact same setup here.

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