[Samba] questions

Sundaram Ramasamy sun at percipia.com
Wed Jan 7 03:19:00 GMT 2004

As per my samba exprience you can have single userid to access the same
share from different computer.
> I have a samba server running on Linux (RedHat 9.0), with the security set
> to user and 3 valid user IDs. The clients are 3  PCs running on Windows XP
> (HomeEdition) and connected through a router. From the PCs running Windows
> I can see the localhost (Sambas Server), but for some reason one PC can
> only connect to the share directory on the Samba Server. The questions are
> as follows.
> 1.  Should every user log in with a different user ID to access the shared
> directory on the Samba Server? or can I use the same user ID to log in on
> different PCs to access the shared directory?
> 2. Could there be another reason why only one PC can connect to the shared
> directory?
> Note that I ran the utility ping on the Window PCs and the Linux machine
> and got good replies so I do not think there is a connection problem.
> Any help will be appreciated!
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