[Samba] Extremely frustrating intermitant printing problem.

Brett Roberts brett at centralmanclc.com
Tue Jan 6 20:13:59 GMT 2004

We are running  Suse Linux 8.2 with Samba and Cups as our print
server on a network with windows 98 and 2000 clients and HP1300, 2100, 2200
and 4050 printers. We are experiencing an intermitant error whereby the
printer on the client machine will set itself to work off line and sometimes
freeze up the pc when an attempt is made to print from it. This error does
not happen in any consistant way an I have checked the samba and cups logs
and cannot find anything which would seem to relate to the problem. I would
be very grateful for any help provided by anyone who's experienced a similar
problem or has any ideas how we can overcome this.



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