[Samba] CIFS (mount.cifs) on Fedora Core 1 (kernel 2.4) ?

Jud Harris samba at judharris.com
Fri Feb 27 22:38:20 GMT 2004

Hey folks,

I've been searching for a couple days now for info regarding cifs on
Fedora Core 1 -- or kernel 2.4.  What what I can tell, smbfs has been
disabled in the version that comes with FC1, and cifs is not yet
enabled?  I now have Win2003 filesystems that don't mount -- 

mount error: cifs filesystem not supported by the system

Q1: cifs needs to be in the kernel (2.4) -- it doesn't appear to be. 

Q2: can I recompile a 2.4 kernel with cifs in it?  if so, where to find
the patch or module?

Q3: is there something simpler that 1 or 2?

Thanks very much.

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