[Samba] [OT] Fyodor terminates SCO nmap rights -- how about Samba?

Aaron Collins aaron.collins at domail.maricopa.edu
Fri Feb 27 22:45:08 GMT 2004

I'd have to rally behind Michael on this topic, I think this is where
the opensource community needs to show is stance and protest in a
non-vandalistic way.  I personally was confused how some script kiddies
felt that writing e-mail viruses that attacked SCOs website would do
anything more than give the OpenSource community a bad name.  This is
where we as GNU citizens need to show our support for Linux, even if
that isn't our OS of choice.  I'm personally a FreeBSD geek.  If SCO
throws an enough money at this case and wins, that makes OpenSource lose
value and vulnerable to many other lawsuits for someone that feels
OpenSource prevents them from making money.  Cough Cough M$.

My 2 cents

-Aaron Collins
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As you all may know Fyodor of nmap fame has terminated SCO's
rights to distribute namp with its products.  See:


I know this is off-topic, but I am interested in opinions
on the subject of SCO using Samba in it's products while they declare
the GPL is unconstitutional and invalid.  In Darl McBride's recent
speech at
Harvard Law School, he was asked in the Q&A period about SCO's use of
Samba and the GPL - to which he replied something to the effect (I am 
paraphrasing here) of "Samba doesn't infringe on our IP to our
knowledge, so we
still contribute (??) to the Samba project and distribute Samba with our
products"  Is this hypocrisy?  I welcome opinions of the members of the

Sorry if this is not the right forum for this, but I am interested in
opinions of the Samba community on this issue.

Michael Brown 

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