[Samba] Re: Samba 3.0 PDC, exchange 5.5 installing service pack 4 fails.

Dan dwerder at rogers.com
Tue Feb 24 21:08:30 GMT 2004

Mario Fernandez wrote:
> Hi Jerry -
> I'm just e-mailing you regarding the Exchange SP4 upgrade error when using a
> Samba 3.0 PDC. We presently have a Samba 3.0 PDC and using Exchange 5.5 SP4
> without a problem, however we are in the process of migrating to Win2K3 and
> Exchange 2K3 and are setting up a test network to simulate the migration.
> While  installing SP4 on exchange I keep getting a Dr. Watson error exactly
> the same as the thread metioned in the subject.  If you have a solution or
> could point in the direction I would appreciate it. 
> Thanks
> Mario Fernandez
> Network Administrator
> DataSynapse Inc.
> tel 212-842-8849
> mario at datasynapse.com <mailto:mario at datasynapse.com> 
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> http://www.datasynapse.com/legal/emailprivacy.jsp
> <http://www.datasynapse.com/legal/emailprivacy.jsp> 
I have opened Bug #1076 regarding this problem


add any additional info that you can provide there.

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