[Samba] domain admin

garvald at bluemail.ch garvald at bluemail.ch
Wed Feb 18 17:28:29 GMT 2004

i'm running samba-3.0.2 on a redhat 9 box with windows 2003. I've got a samba
pdc up and running. I want a user to have domain admin privilidges. With
samba 2.2.8a and windows 2000 this was easily accomplished with the following
entry in [global]

domain admin group = garvald

this had the effect that garvald had full administrator rights upon logging
into windows2000 through the samba pdc.
This does not work with samba 3.0.2/windows2003

this doesnt work either:

admin users = garvald

so, can someone tell me how i give a user full domain administrator priviledges
through a samba 3.0.2 PDC on windows2003 ? i've been searching and trying
for about 11 hours now...to no avail..


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