[Samba] home directories with winbind

pascal.gregis at wanadoo.fr pascal.gregis at wanadoo.fr
Mon Feb 23 20:58:48 GMT 2004

Hello all,

I've installed samba-3.0.1 on a linux machine that has a role of
in an NT domain.
What I would like is that there would be nothing to do on the linux
machine when adding a user in teh NT domain.
For that I have started and configured winbind that works fine.
But I want to create a share for each user on the NT domain. 
I have in my smb.conf a [homes] share, but when a user is added to the
domain, the directory of his share is not created automatically.
I presume it's normal, but it's reducing to 0 the role of winbind,
because I have to create a directory on the linux machine each time a
user is added to the domain, so a script creating the user at the smae
time as the share could do the work. 
So with or without winbind I have an operation to do on the linux
machine while I would like to have no operation to do.
Is there a way to do that? A possibility to execute a script
automatically where a user is created on the domain or anything, but
the template homedir parameter doesn't seem to do this.

Thank you


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