[Samba] Dual boot (Win2K, Linux) client machine - one trust machine account

Sergey Proskurnya macroprose at ukr.net
Mon Feb 23 13:08:21 GMT 2004

Hello to all,

there is a LAN with windows domain running on true 2003 Windows Server.
I have comp with both Linux and Win2k installed and I want to be the
member of domain in Windows and Linux also.
But there is the problem: if I join to domain in Win2K, then
Samba (3.0.2a) does not work in Linux and it is needed to re-join
to domain in Linux. But after this W2K does not work - it is needed
to re-join again. I have extracted domain SID from Windows registry
and set in Samba with the help of "setlocalsid" command, but this
doesn't help. After setting SIDs' values from Windows, I see new error
messages in Samba:

[2004/02/22 18:28:28, 0] 
connect_to_domain_password_server: unable to setup the NETLOGON 
credentials to machine MY_WIN_PDC. Error was : NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED.

And the command "smbclient -L SOME_WKS" returns the following:

Have anybody ideas/workaround for that?

Thanks a lot,

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