[Samba] smbclient and filename character encoding

Sladecek Ladislav sla at nempr.cz
Mon Feb 23 12:36:59 GMT 2004

Can please someone explain the following problem:

I have a Windows 95 box, Czech edition (it uses eastern-european windows 
  code page  cp 1250 for character encoding) named flex with a share 
called c . On c, there is a file which contain some czech characters in 
its name.

I have another box with a fresh fedora linux instalation and a freshly 
compiled samba 3.0.2. UTF-8 is used for character encoding.

I can read files on flex by:

smbclient \\\\flex\\c password

or even transfer them. I don't have any smb.conf, just use smbclient.

But the czech characters are wrong. They look like the smbclient assumed
western character encoding.

After reading docs, I assumed that smbclient >3.0 will negotiate the 
code pages with clients on the fly. What is wrong?

Can I set manually  clients code page on the smbclient command line ?

Best regards


Ladislav Sládeček
Nemocnice Přerov
Dvořákova 75
751 52 Přerov

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