[Samba] win2k dropping network connection to samba

Jason Norred jnorred at norredtech.com
Tue Feb 17 21:08:35 GMT 2004


I have a client that has a RedHat 8 box with samba 2.2.7 running as a
basic file server. They have two win98 computers and 1 w2k pc. They have
no problems accessing the files on the server from the win98 pc's but
the win2k pc keeps dropping the connection... I would normally say... ok
its some hardware problem with the win2k box... BUT if i copy files to
and from shares on the win98 pc's it works fine... and if I copy files
FROM the samba server it works fine... it only drops the connection when
writing to the server... If i'm copying a file to the server the little
icon in the sys tray pops up every couple of secs saying the lan
connection is down then it goes away and then it pops back up a couple
of seconds later... VERY strange behaviour....

Any clues???

Jason N.

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