[Samba] German Umlaute charset samba 3 problem

Gregor Horvath g.horvath at gmx.at
Sun Feb 15 11:01:09 GMT 2004


I searched the web/newsgroups/malinglists with no luck for a solution to 
the follwing problem:

1.) Win XP Notebook (acting as smb "server")
2.) Workstation with Debian testing with Samba 3.0 as smb client

Mounting a XP share works, but the german Umlaute ä, ü, ö are displayed 
as ? by ls.

I´ve tried to mount with the option iocharset=iso8859-1, 
iocharset=iso8859-15, iocharset=UTF-8 but it did not work.
Different codepage parameters, or the unicode parameter did not either.

A local file on the Debian system with Umlaute works fine.

There is no difference in mounting with mount or smbmount.
Its either no difference if the XP filesystem is FAT32 or NTFS.


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