[Samba] Porting To Windows

David Braginsky daveey at google.com
Sat Feb 14 02:42:19 GMT 2004

I've seen this question asked before, but usually dismissed....

I was wondering how difficult it would be to port SAMBA to Windows,
using Cygwin or preferably MINGW.

The main reason I would like to see this happen is that it would
significantly simplify filesystem development on Windows. Currently,
the only way to develop filesystems for windows is by writing a kernel
driver, or buying a $100k development kit. A basic port of SAMBA would
allow development of user-space filesystems, with neither the Windows
IFS license, or experience with Windows kernel development.

I would love to hear suggestions as to the best way to do this port,
or better yet, that someone has already done it!

Thanks for your help,

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