[Samba] Need HOWTO Info Please

Joe Giles jgiles at joeman1.com
Fri Feb 6 21:46:27 GMT 2004


I am in need of a HOW TO or documentation to do the following:

We are building a large Windows Citrix farm that will have 120 users 
logging into it. We are wanting to create a 500 gig data storage 
server(s) that will use Linux/SAMBA. What I want to accomplish is:

1> When a user is created in Citrix using user manger, we would like to 
point the users home folder to the Linux/Samba server.
2> When this new account is created, we would like the users home folder 
to automatically be created with the users ability to access their own 
folder (User Manager will create the directories using the 
\\servername\home\%username% string)
I have tested this on a home system using Linux/SAMBA and WinXP (Adding 
a local user) and when I do this, the home folder gets created in MY 
home share on the Linux server and not in the users specific share 
(/home/user name).

The users will not have to access this server in any way other than to 
access their home shares, so Winbind will not be nessesary (Unless it 
will need to be used to accomplish this task)

Any help of how to set this up would be great!!!



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