[Samba] samba 3.0.1 and ldap backend problem - solved !

boka boka at sto-procent.art.pl
Wed Feb 4 21:50:24 GMT 2004

Jeff Davis wrote:

> If you arrive at a solution, please let me know...

i did not have free time to analyze why it start working, but i made it :)

First of all, i have converted (again) old ldap db:

ldapsearch -h .... > old.ldiff

net getlocalsid DOMAIN

convert .... --output new.ldif

Then add it to ldap and add new indexes (taken from samba-ldap.howto).

ldapadd -h localhost -f new.ldif -D ....

add it to slapd.conf to Your DB definition:

index           cn,sn,uid,displayName           pres,sub,eq
index           uidNumber,gidNumber             eq
index           sambaSID                        eq
index           sambaPrimaryGroupSID            eq
index           sambaDomainName                 eq
index           objectClass                     pres,eq
index           default                         sub
index memberUid     eq

slapdindex -f /etc/openldap/slapd.conf

I have compiled samba only with --with-ldap option (without 
--with-ldapsam). Add proper filters to groups, users, computers in smb.conf:

ldap suffix used to search for user and computer accounts.
ldap user suffix used to store user accounts.
ldap machine suffix used to store Machine Trust Accounts.
ldap group suffix location of posixGroup/sambaGroupMapping entries.
ldap idmap suffix location of sambaIdmapEntry objects.

Right now i cant compare the new ldap db with old (first converted) but 
i think there was a problem with samaDomain parametr ...


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