[Samba] Login scripts and Win9x clients

Gémes Géza geza at kzsdabas.sulinet.hu
Thu Dec 23 22:20:54 GMT 2004

Misty Stanley-Jones írta:

>I found the answer to this.  For some reason in Win9x I have to give the full 
>path to the Kixtart script (my netlogon.bat contains 
>"\\corpsrv\netlogon\kix32 \\corpsrv\netlogon\logon.kix /f") for Win9x to find 
> Now if only I could get Win9x to work with groups.  I found the following on 
>the Kixtart website but can't quite parse it, so I thought I would paste it 
>here and see if anyone knows:
>Because Windows 9x, does not know how to handle RPC (Remote Procedure Calls), 
>you have to setup the Account Groups for your users to use Local Groups e.g. 
>ACCOUNTING_LOCAL (These Local Groups can be a member of the Global Group e.g. 
>ACCOUNTING) and you will need to reference these in the script.
>Do they mean to make a local group on the Win9x box?  I didn't think Win9x had 
>On Thursday 23 December 2004 15:21, Misty Stanley-Jones wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I have two systems using Win98 and one using Win95.  These three systems do
>>not automatically execute their login scripts.  I can map the network
>>drives manually and tell them to reconnect at login, but I am wondering why
>>they don't execute them.  I can log in, browse to my netlogon share (if I
>>make it browseable), and execute the script manually, and it works.  Well,
>>it mostly works, but I Think that's an issue with Kixtart.
>>Is there something extra that I need to do for Win9x?  I haven't really
>>found anything about it.
IMHO a lot better solution would be to use a dynamicaly generated logon 
script, generated by a script specified in the root preexec 
configuration parameter. In this way you can check the group 
memberships, among other things on the *nix side, which could make 
things to work lot more reliably.



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