[Samba] winbind changes from 3.04 vs. 3.08 & 3.09 ?

Adam Cody ajcody at gmail.com
Tue Dec 14 13:15:09 GMT 2004

We have a mixed mode NT4 and W2K domain trust wan. The W2K domains are
for Exchange and the NT4 are for fileservers/users. There's about 5
domains of each throughout our company.

When I was testing 3.04, I could see account from all domains via
winbind -- getent passwd would return   NTlocal\user, w2k\user,
w2k2\user, nt4\user, nt42\user..
Since I started testing 3.08 and 3.09 (binaries from samba.org, sles 9
x86) I can no longer see any NT4 domains outside our local segment. (
NTlocal\user, w2k\user, w2k2\user) I can still see all of the W2K
domains we use for Exchange....those in the UK, Germany, and so forth.

Is there anything I might of missed in the release notes that would
explain this. I didn't see anything offhand that would of. I've tried
the different hosts variables within smb.conf :
ex. name resolve order = wins bcast hosts
and the local /etc/nsswitch.conf
ex. hosts:  files dns winbind wins

I have this in the smb.conf as well.
   wins server = ip_address_of_local_wins_server
   allow trusted domains = yes
   wins support = no

If I use the same config files but use 3.04, it work....hum...


P.S. By the way, this last round of testing (if  I get though this
issue) will have our company state side replacing all the remaining
windows fileservers to linux. We'll be servering about 10TB worth of
disks via samba on large sata machines.

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