[Samba] smbd hung processes - Samba 3.0.7

john.debella at teradyne.com john.debella at teradyne.com
Tue Dec 14 13:36:01 GMT 2004

We're still experiencing this issue. I've observed a couple of things 
during the latest event.

I mentioned before that netstat -a shows many smb processes in CLOSE_WAIT 
state when this problem occurs. I happened to strace on a process that was 
stuck in "recvfrom(1315,". When I killed this process many of the hung smb 
processes terminated and the Samba service was responding again.

I've noticed the following error in the messages file:

Dec 13 18:16:20 valhalla smbd[18005]: [2004/12/13 18:16:20, 0] 
Dec 13 18:16:20 valhalla smbd[18005]:   tdb(/var/cache/samba/locking.tdb): 
tdb_lock failed on list 99 ltype
=0 (Resource deadlock avoided) 

This particular error showed up prior to samba being restarted. When the 
service is restarted many of these show up in the log. I also notice that 
many times during an event the messages file contains the following 

Dec 13 19:29:33 valhalla smbd[28820]:   domain_client_validate: Domain 
password server not available. 
Dec 13 19:29:33 valhalla smbd[28820]: [2004/12/13 19:29:33, 0] 

Not sure if this is a coincidence.

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