[Samba] Strange update problem 3.0.5->3.0.6 with XP-Clients

Georg Hoermann ghoermann at hydrology.uni-kiel.de
Tue Aug 24 15:22:44 GMT 2004

Hello world,

I have a very strange update problem: this night I upgraded
from 3.0.5 to 3.0.6 (debian unstable) and the system broke completely
with very strange errors (I did not change anything to smb.conf)

- win98 users can log in, copy and everything
- xp users can log in, they see the shares but they cannot access
  the files (read error in xp). I have tested it with
  Xp-Prof SP1 und SP2 (domain-login) and XP-Home (no domain login).

Any hints what I should do? (I am no samba expert - until now it just
(bugreport to debian is submitted, 3.0.6-2 did not solve the problem)

Thanks & Gruss

Georg Hoermann, Fachabteilung Wasserwirtschaft / Dep. Hydrology  
Ecosystem Research Center, Kiel University, Germany
Tel. 0431-880-1207, Home: 0451/477032, 0172/4315715, Penguin #189476

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