[Samba] Yet Another LDAP Question

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Mon Apr 26 18:44:43 GMT 2004

I don't think you 'have' to, but you'll get more functionality if you do.

You should go grab the newest idealx LDAP management scripts, you don't 
say what version of samba you have, but the scripts are probably newer 
than what you have if you installed from the RPM that came with the base 
Fedora install.  There's a script in that set called something like 
smbldap-populate that will create all the users and groups you need for 
Windows equivilency.  You will also want to delete the old ones when you 
put the new in place.  At some point they changed from *.pl to just * 
for the script names.

Make sure you edit the config files in the smbldap-tools package before 
you start monkeying with them, particularly the LDAP container names and 
your domain SID.

Jean Krebs Fonseca wrote:

>Hi All,
>I know this must have been discussed around here a million times, but I really 
>didn't find this info anywhere else and I'm on a deadline here.
>I already have an FC1 server with a working LDAP directory  in production. The 
>same server runs a Samba PDC, but not with LDAP functionality yet. 
>All I need to know right now is if I have to include some standard user and 
>group accounts, like Adminstrator and such. Also,how do I generate the NT and 
>Lanman password hashes so I can include them in the uses' ldifs?
>And please, don't point me to that Samba-LDAP howto 'cause it did nothing but 
>confuse me more.

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