[Samba] APW Permissions Issue

L. Mark Stone LMStone at RNoME.com
Wed Apr 14 16:36:59 GMT 2004

SuSE 8.2 with Samba 2.2.7a, smb.conf is at end. (Hostname=outside)

This box runs VMware with a Windows 2000 client configured as a
workgroup member (hostname=RNOME-W2K). I created a Linux user account
for the W2K machine, edited etc/passwd to add a "$" at the end of the
username for the machine, and added the machine account and my user
account to the Linux ntadmin group.

I then ran smbpasswd -a to add my user account and smbpasswd -a -m to
add the machine trust account. In the W2K virtual machine I created a
local user account with the same name as my Linux user account, and made
this W2K account a member of the W2K Administrators group. 

So far so good: The W2K virtual machine can see and write to the data
share just fine. The W2K virtual machine can see all of the Linux
printers just fine as well.

But, the APW does not appear in the Printers folder for the Linux host
machine when viewed in the W2K virtual machine. According to the Samba
docs, this is because "The APW will be show only if the connected user
is able to successfully execute an OpenPrinterEx(\\server) with
administrative privileges (i.e. root or printer admin)."

As a result, I can't add Windows 2000 printer drivers to Samba, so I
can't print from the W2K virtual machine.

What should I check next?


# smb.conf is the main samba configuration file. You find a full
# version at /usr/share/doc/packages/samba/examples/smb.conf.SuSE
# Date: 2003-04-16
	workgroup = RNOME.COM
	os level = 2
	time server = Yes
	unix extensions = Yes
	encrypt passwords = Yes
	map to guest = Bad User
	log level = 1
	syslog = 0
	printing = CUPS
	printcap name = CUPS
	wins support = No
	veto files = /*.eml/*.nws/riched20.dll/*.{*}/
	comment = Home Directories
	valid users = %S
	browseable = No
	read only = No
	create mask = 0640
	directory mask = 0750
	comment = All Printers
	path = /var/tmp
	printable = Yes
	create mask = 0600
	browseable = No
	comment = Printer Drivers
	path = /var/lib/samba/drivers
	write list = @ntadmin
	force group = ntadmin
	create mask = 0664
	directory mask = 0775
	comment = Data Directory
	path = /data
	browseable = yes
	read only = no
	guest ok = yes

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