[Samba] Urgent help setting up and configuring samba on windows network

Burhan Khalid samba at meidomus.com
Sat Apr 10 08:14:28 GMT 2004

daccman wrote:

> Hello All
> I just recently was told our small company needed a webserver. Well.. I need
> help. No I am not a newbie to computers just to Linux and samba. For the
> webserver I went with Mandrake 10 for ease of installing all web packages.
> By default it installs apache with mysql ssl and the whole bit. Now I have
> worked with Linux before but still really new to it. But I managed to
> install the samba package I believe it is 3.0.2 and I was also able to
> configure SWAT after one long night with no sleep. I figured SWAT would make
> it easier to configure smb.conf . Boy was I wrong. I have read all kinds of
> documentation and tried a few things, I believe I almost had Samba working
> right with shares on my network, but I had issues with login and password
> authentication. If there is anyone out there that can help me it would be
> very much appreciated.
> Here are all the details of our small Home like network.

[ trim ]

> Here is what I need it to do, all windows and linux box configured for
> internet and everything, network connectivity is ok on all windows boxes
> with tcp/ip and netbios installed as protocols. The linux box will be our
> webserver to serve pages on port 80 which I can open and close as need be
> through our router. I do most of my html and web page coding on windows
> boxes as I am not as good with Linux programs yet. So I need to connect the
> webserver to the two windows 2000 boxes only and share the http-www dir so I
> can move files from win2000 box to the webserver. I had it almost but it
> would not allow me to enter the Linux box with my username and password. I
> have read all documentation on what and how I should do it, But every
> configuration is different that I have looked at. All I want to do is hook
> them up so I can transfer html and php files over to the http-www dir so it
> can serve the pages up.

Why don't you use FTP for this? Seems like it would be simpler.

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