[Samba] Help!

szhang at watlow.com szhang at watlow.com
Fri Apr 9 18:53:07 GMT 2004


Hope somebody can help me out. I have struggling at this problem for weeks.
I have a Linux (SuSE SLES-8) in our company's windows network. I think I
set up everything right: now I can ping/telnet the linux machine from a PC
by name and IP, and ping PCs from the Linux machine  by name and IP.  The
linux machine is shown in My Network Places in PC. But, as I clicked it, I
got a message says: "\\machineName is not
accessible..........................The account is not authorized to log in
from this station".  However, if I put IP in Windows Explorer, I got
everything I wanted: Shared Folds, Home Fold......

Another thing bothers me is: I have another HP-UX machine in this same
Windows Network and its configuration is same as the one in the Linux
machine except different machine name and IP. The HP-UX machine works just

Thank you very much!


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