[Samba] Urgent help setting up and configuring samba on windows network

daccman monsterpc008 at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 9 18:38:44 GMT 2004

Hello All

I just recently was told our small company needed a webserver. Well.. I need
help. No I am not a newbie to computers just to Linux and samba. For the
webserver I went with Mandrake 10 for ease of installing all web packages.
By default it installs apache with mysql ssl and the whole bit. Now I have
worked with Linux before but still really new to it. But I managed to
install the samba package I believe it is 3.0.2 and I was also able to
configure SWAT after one long night with no sleep. I figured SWAT would make
it easier to configure smb.conf . Boy was I wrong. I have read all kinds of
documentation and tried a few things, I believe I almost had Samba working
right with shares on my network, but I had issues with login and password
authentication. If there is anyone out there that can help me it would be
very much appreciated.

Here are all the details of our small Home like network.

three windows boxes, two are windows 2000, the other one is a NT4 box (SP6a)
used as a dns server and I think it is configured as a PDC
the other box is going to be our webserver, mandrake linux 10 with apache
mysql ssl and of course SAMBA. it is all connected by a 8 port hub and a
linksys router out to the internet.

Here is what I need it to do, all windows and linux box configured for
internet and everything, network connectivity is ok on all windows boxes
with tcp/ip and netbios installed as protocols. The linux box will be our
webserver to serve pages on port 80 which I can open and close as need be
through our router. I do most of my html and web page coding on windows
boxes as I am not as good with Linux programs yet. So I need to connect the
webserver to the two windows 2000 boxes only and share the http-www dir so I
can move files from win2000 box to the webserver. I had it almost but it
would not allow me to enter the Linux box with my username and password. I
have read all documentation on what and how I should do it, But every
configuration is different that I have looked at. All I want to do is hook
them up so I can transfer html and php files over to the http-www dir so it
can serve the pages up.

Sorry for the long post But I figured that the more details the more help
someone could be. I have no problems with having to type in the smb.conf
from scratch. I just need help trying to figure out the configuration that I
would need. This is of an Urgent matter cause my boss would like it done
like yesterday. and no I am not a computer admin, I just know alot about
computers and I got this most painful job of doing it. Anyone PLEASE

In Desperate Need Of Help

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