[Samba] samba basic setup

Mike's List mikelist at sky.net
Fri Apr 9 18:05:16 GMT 2004

Samba 2.2.8a, Solaris 9 4/04 core installation, 192.168.1/24 network.

I managed to setup Samba in the very basic way and can access the pub
directory below.  However, I need to setup some private directory and
authenticate users in the very basic way via /etc/shadow? or using

This pub works fine.

    comment              = Public
    path                 = /home/tmp
    browseable           = yes
    public               = yes
    writeable            = yes
    force group          = nobody
    read only            = no
    public               = yes
    guest ok             = yes

All I need is to authenticate off of /etc/shadow or whatever the most
basic authentication available on Solaris 9.  So when user 'mike' connects
it'll just prompt for username/password.  The client is Windows based,
however, I keep getting MACHINE\Guest (gray out) and Password field.

        comment         = test
        path            = /home
        browseable      = yes
        writeable       = yes

What do I need to set in [test] to authenticate user 'mike' off of the
/etc/passwd and /etc/shadow file?

- Mike

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