[Samba] Windows Mobile 2003

markus snowbrd at surfnet.fi
Fri Apr 9 18:08:48 GMT 2004


I try to get a connection with an Pocket Loox with Windows mobile 2003 to a
samba 3.0.3pre1-2 (also tried 2.2.8a) but it doesn´t work... 

I can reach a WinXP workstation from the PDA, there everything works fine. I
also reach the Samba server from the WinXP.

I checked the traffic with Ethereal and everything seems to be the same with these:
Session request
Positive session response
Negotiate Protocol Request
Negotiate Procotol Response

But the PDA cannot get any further, it sends session request again after "negotiate protocol response."

Any ideas?

snowbrd at surfnet.fi

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