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aarumuga arumugam eccsamba at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 9 13:22:12 GMT 2004

Hi Everybody,
           We are upgrading to samba-3.0.2a with SEAM kerberos and iPlanet Directory ldap server support. All the three servers runs in three different physical solaris machies.  We are able to connect the samba and ldap.  We are trying with security=user option in samba . For kerberos support, we thought of a solution of authentication via pam -pamkrb5 module. but samba fails for a pam authentication and it never contacts the kerberos server. actually we traced out the function calls which tries for authentication,  which sends a pam handler with null passwords for authentication. 
pls refer source/auth/auth.c and source/auth/pampass.c which has functions like smb_pam_accountcheck in which pam_acctmgmt() sending a pamhandler pointer pamh.
The samba code has pointer pamh  referring to the sturucture called pam_handle_t . For the structure pam_handle_t , we found a type definition pam_handle in security/pam_appl.h . and no more information in pam_handle is available. Is the solaris pam modules lacks some files or our installation of solaris lacks some files?

Any suggestions to proceed with pam authentication would be really helpful

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