AW: [Samba] Multi-homed Samba PDC problem

Arno Seidel aseidel at
Wed Apr 7 16:47:40 GMT 2004

Hi Mike,

hope i understand everything right,

> Question: What type of problem is this?  and how serious?
It is a windows network problem and or a collision between two PDC´s.

> Question: Ok, how do I correct it?
There are some possible solutions for your problem:


If there is allready a PDC (W2K/NT) then change on
the samba PDC the domain, and create on both sides an
interdomaintrust relationship

Change the Samba config, that it is a Domainmember-Server.

>Binding to the public interface only (via
>bind interfaces, and bind interfaces only) .  The
>examination of the log for NMBD indicates proper registration
>of the Samba PDC as a Domain Master Browser as well
>as Local Master browser on the segment.
>However, adding the private backend interface to the
>samba PDC interfaces statement, the NMBD logs are different.
>Access to the WINS server is indicated as timing out.
>Further, the PDC is unable to register itself as the
>Domain Master Browser, but it does register itself as
>the Local Master Browser.
>The private network is on eth0 and the public on eth3.
>The bind interfaces statement states the interfaces
>in the following order eth3 then eth0.

with kind regards

Arno Seidel

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