[Samba] Multi-homed Samba PDC problem

M. D. Parker mike.parker at ga.com
Wed Apr 7 16:25:50 GMT 2004

samba version 2.2.8a

I am having problem understanding and correcting a problem
involving a multihomed samba application.  

There are two different networks, (1) public side where
there exists a company wide WINS server, and (2) a private
backend network for inter-system transfers.  Systems
connected to the private network are connected to the
public network.

One system is a Samba PDC there are other mixed systems
some Samba and Windows (2K or above) connected with
both the public and private networks.

Binding to the public interface only (via
bind interfaces, and bind interfaces only) .  The
examination of the log for NMBD indicates proper registration
of the Samba PDC as a Domain Master Browser as well
as Local Master browser on the segment.

However, adding the private backend interface to the
samba PDC interfaces statement, the NMBD logs are different.
Access to the WINS server is indicated as timing out.
Further, the PDC is unable to register itself as the
Domain Master Browser, but it does register itself as
the Local Master Browser.

The private network is on eth0 and the public on eth3.

The bind interfaces statement states the interfaces
in the following order eth3 then eth0.

There is one default route present pointing to the
public network router.  There are no routers on the
backend network.

One more interesting thing, NFS access using the
private network between the Samba PDC system and another UNIX
machine on the private network works fine.

When configured with both interfaces in place, public
domain logins and workstation domain joins seem
to work fine and without problem.  Public access
to shares and browsing seem ok as well.

Question: What type of problem is this?  and how serious?

Question: Ok, how do I correct it?

This is really confusing me.....this looks to be a 
bad thing to me.

Thanks for any help you all can provide.

Mike Parker
parkerm at ga.com

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