[Samba] Mounting a windows 2003 share

reacend reacend at gmx.net
Sat Apr 3 22:56:13 GMT 2004

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Marcus Franke wrote:

| reacend wrote:
|> Hi I want to mount the a share of a windows 2003 Domain
|> Controler, but I'm not been able...
|> Does any body knew a solution for that problem?
| Windows Server 2003 has per default activated the smb signing
| feature. Maybe this could cause you some problems.
| To turn of the feature look at the local security policy for a GPE
| like Microsoft Network (Server) Communication digitaly sign
| (always)  - Activated
| Sorry for my crude translation of the GPE but I only have a german
| edition of the server and maybe "Microsoft Netzwerk (Server)
| Kommunikation digital signieren (immer) - Aktiviert" would not help
|  you much :)
| Marcus
Hi ya geeks and nerds,

you got any other solution for mounting shares, so far I got readed
something about CIFS and SMB on Windows 2k/2k3

Some questions:

Is it been possible to sign the smb packets with kerberos5 under linux
and mount then shares without disabling it in windows2003?

If Yes how?

Are there any differences between to be a domain member with samba
3.02 in a W2k3 domain and da domain member in a W2k..

Do I have also the configure kerberos5 ?

Best regards,


Michael Brown your download links is broken I cann not see thist doc,
can you send it me as mail?

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