[Samba] running in domain

Jack Malone jmalone at horizonind.com
Thu Apr 1 17:03:51 GMT 2004

I'm wondering what are the advantages of running samba as a domain instead 
of the work group method. I have always setup it up for work group in the 
What are the disadvantages also.

One more question. I have users setup here on the individual w2k machines 
so that they can share there data files to another machine in a few 
departments. I have to setup each user that needs access to the files on 
each machine, would running in a domain help to not have to setup each of 
these machines an set the password. It would be nice to not have to go 
around to each machine an setup logins/ passwords if it could all be 
control from the server.   Hope that is self explanatory for you.


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