[Samba] Samba and Win viruses

Brett Stevens brett.stevens at hubbub.com.au
Fri Apr 2 02:42:30 GMT 2004

Another thought. Do you have any MTA software on your Linux system, postfix
exim sendmail etc. that¹s a better starting point.
Get your sec office to show you logs from the mail server it will simply
state what IP address is attempting connections to that mail server.
On your question. Simply, I would think not, unless wine is installed and
then it would need a user to be logged in and using some sort of wine based

Remember most viruses must execute in user space.
Best of luck 

Brett Stevens

> From: Malcolm Baldridge <google at paypc.com>
> Date: Thu,  1 Apr 2004 01:40:15 -0800
> To: samba at lists.samba.org
> Subject: Re: [Samba] Samba and Win viruses
>> We have had our server blocked as it is probing port 25
> Port 25 is the SMTP (mail delivery) port.  Maybe your Samba server is trying
> to issue emails out for some reason.  Odd that this would be considered a
> "probe" though.  Does the Samba server run any kind of SOCKS proxying
> software, or even web-proxying software?
>> My question: Is it actually possible for a Samba system to be infected
>> with Win viruses such as MyDoom or Blaster?
> I'll answer your question with another question: is it possible for a
> UNIX-based mail host to "be infected" with MyDoom or Blaster emails?  In
> both the Samba and the Mailhost case, you have three parties, one of whom
> doesn't really "parse" data content, but to the other two parties [the
> source and destination parties, really], the payload has a great deal more
> "meaning".
> Clear now? :)
> Cheers,
> =Rob=
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