[Samba] samba authenticates thru win 2k3 PDC

Darkman darkman at clicqx.com
Thu Sep 25 14:31:31 GMT 2003

I have been reading the list archives and havent quite found what I am 
looking for so I will ask. I have a win2k3 PDC which houses all accounts 
on my network. I have a samba server configured for domain security and 
password server is the PDC. users can now use the print queue's on the 
samba server because they are getting authenticated on the PDC.This is 
great and no problem there. however, the only way I have been able to 
have users access directories on the samba server is by making user 
accounts on the samba server. what I really wanna do is have then 
authenticate thru the PDC. I would like to have a share on the samba 
server read/writable by group, and have people in that group 
authenticate to the PDC and access the shares on the samba server. any 
help there? thanks.
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