[Samba] GPO's

Geir Sjurseth geir at staff.texas.net
Thu Sep 25 14:44:56 GMT 2003

I am excited about the latest samba 3.0 release with AD support but have
some questions. For this to be a viable alternative I really NEED GPO's
or equivalent functionality. I am not thrilled about using LGPO's...

I did see a thread on this list regarding GPO's but it seemed to be
mostly directed toward working around this by using LGPO's and using a
new package management system wpkg... Actually wpkg looks interesting,
but aside from that I wanna be able to allow AD-account-admin the
ability to change GPO's for certain Organzational Units. This would not
be nearly as easy with LGPO's, besides I like the idea of my changes
happening instantly.

Are there plans to implement GPO's in samba at all or any time soon? If
so would they be stored in the LDAP backend? That would be nice. Would
the M$ default tools work with them... For my part they wouldn't have to
as long as there were another tool offering the same functionality or
more :)


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