[Samba] samba + MacOS X

Milan Roubal roubal at a-open.cz
Wed Sep 24 16:54:42 GMT 2003

I have got problem with samba 2.2.5a and Mac OS X 10.2.6.
I my network the samba is working great, but when I connected
the Mac system, I can see on it every file with size 16 MB.
So when I try to burn 50 files 1 kB each, I can't because
MacOS is taking size 16 MB of each. When I try to burn the same
files from windows sharing, there every file have got size 4 kb,
so it is ok.Where should be problem? It is not easy to try
newer version of samba there, so I will try upgrade only if you say that it
will help. Thanks for any answer.
    Milan Roubal
    roubal at a-open.cz

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