[Samba] Part 2: What is the meaning of create mask / directory mask

John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Wed Sep 24 16:58:23 GMT 2003

On Thu, 25 Sep 2003, VMarco wrote:

> What we are trying to do is something like where;
> User A
> User B
> User C
> User D
> whereby User D's files can be read-write by only C,B ,A
> whereby User C's files can be read-write by only B,A
> whereby User B's files can be read-write by only A.
> that is we want some hierachy . How do we do this ?

Suggest you refer to the Samba-HOWTO-Collection.pdf for SAmba-3.0.0.
A curent copy is available from:

Suggest you read chapter 13, "File, Directory and Share Access Controls".

You should also read, Chapter 12, "Group Mapping: MS Windows and UNIX"

- John T.

> How do we set the permissions on the actual folders on the Hard Drives and how do we set the permissions in smb.conf ? Is there a
> difference ? Will permissions on smb.conf override the actual folder permissions?
> Thanx.
> Marco
> User

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