[Samba] Latest Samba Disto for Os390/Unix ?

Hall, Ken (IDS ECCS) ken_hall at ml.com
Mon Sep 22 13:50:30 GMT 2003

I was able to get gzip to compile under USS with fairly little difficulty.  

OS/390 (zOS) doesn't host other operating systems.  IBM's OTHER OS, zVM, does that, and there's a native Linux for it.

Unfortunately, getting the Samba source onto USS (Unix System Services) is only the first part of the battle.  USS, while POSIX compliant, is unusual enough that most Open Source products won't build
there without SUBSTANTIAL fiddling.  I was able to get gzip, xterm, and a couple of other programs to build, but someone else had done the work on the autoconf bit before.  That old version of Samba
was fixed to build under USS, but to my knowledge nobody has ever tried to retrofit the mods to a later version.

IBM distributes a Samba "equivalent" with zOS 1.4 and above.  It should be part of the base.

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> On Fri, 19 Sep 2003 John_Gardner at nfumutual.co.uk wrote:
> > (I have tried downloading the 'samba-latest.tar.gz' file 
> from the mirror
> > site,but as I cannot unzip/untar it,due to not having the 
> 'gzip' program
> > !).
> >  Therfore I am not sure how compatible it may or may not be with my
> > Os390/Uss platform.
> C'mon John,
> are you a system administrator for an S/390? :-)
> If I understand you correctly, you are trying to tell us that 
> Samba might
> not be compatible with your OS because your OS doesn't have a certain
> unzipping program installed by default?
> You sound like a Windows user who fails to install WinZip...
> www.gzip.org has the gzip source, in case there's no binaries 
> available
> for your OS. If you fail to build gzip, you will most likely 
> have a hard
> time building Samba...
> AFAIR OS/390 allows you to host "other" operating systems 
> that might work,
> then you could e.g. install Debian and run Samba in that virtual
> machine...
> scnr
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